A brace from Gnanduillet, a clean sheet, a fitting tribute to Cyril Robinson, applause at 53 minutes and a happy birthday to a football fan who was there in 1953. All in a great day as Pool go 5th with the 4th win in a row.

Thanks Lee. 

Went to the new Half Way House on the Friday. Expensive for what is pub food but thought it was good. 

First time seen a video from the South. North looked busier than I thought. 

Top work as usual Lee.  

You considered doing a "scout report" vid previewing things like current form and players to keep an eye on for forthcoming games?  I only ask because I get all these questions off my 10 year old daughter on the drive up and have to pretend I have a clue 😂

you used to get that in the match day thread Chesh - you know when it was good ;)
...and now you just get a copy and paste job from the BFC website!
Cheshire in answer to your question yes and it's currently a work in progress. We have a few ideas there will be some new things coming next year.😁👍