Tottenham sack manager Mauricio Pochettino after five years in charge

Wow. Something has gone on there. 

What's gone on is they've been shit since the back end of last season. 
Yes but was he backed? Still early and he took Spurs to the Champions League. No way has he just been sacked for a poor start. 

Lots of rumours about players shagging each other's wives to be fair, he hasn't been able to get rid of the ones he wanted to and probably had to in order to bring new ones in. 

You would think blatant wife swapping would give them the edge over other London clubs in the transfer market.
Jose Mourinho

It's Jose ... because they don't want someone to piss away the money they've saved....😕

I hope they get Big Sam

United should get Poch asap

Mourinho to Spurs, Poch to Utd seems to make sense. 

Will they sack Ole though?

They would like to I bet but won't.
Why would they?  
Not really going anywhere with Olly is it? Whether he is to blame is another question but I think the United board will want some continuity now as sacking another person will increase the criticism of the board themselves. To be fair, United have picked up some form but can't see it lasting.