Missed this yesterday. Surely they should have been deducted points for not playing a fixture. 


Probably because they’ve already been hit by the 12 points for administration. Tho in fairness they should as others have been hit by the point deduction.

As usual, they are making a right hack of things.

If they stay up now, no doubt other clubs will label them as cheats.
They’ll be out the relegation zone by February. They have some really good players for this level.

The EFL will appeal against Bolton Wanderers' suspended five-point penalty for failing to fulfil two league fixtures, declaring the sanction 'too lenient'.

The League One side, who began the season on minus 12 points after entering administration, cancelled a Championship game against Brentford at the end of the last season.

They also postponed their League One game away at Doncaster Rovers in August.

The club had been fielding a team of young academy players in the preceding games whilst they waited for their takeover by the Football Ventures group from former Ken Anderson to go through. 

However they backed out of the midweek game against the Yorkshire side citing concerns over the welfare of the young. 

They were referred to an independent disciplinary commission by the Football Feague (EFL) and the club pleaded guilty to the two charges at a hearing earlier this month.

However, an independent disciplinary commission concluded on Thursday that Wanderers should be penalised two points for the first transgression, which occurred after their relegation from the Championship was confirmed, and three for the second.

Fines totalling £70,000 were also announced. 

All penalties will only be activated if the club attract similar charges in the next 18 months, but the EFL believe stiffer action should be taken.

A spokesman said: "The EFL is disappointed by the conclusions reached by the independent Disciplinary Commission in respect of Bolton Wanderers and it is the firm view of the League that the sanction imposed is too lenient when consideration is given to all the circumstances of the case. 

"Given the potential for postponements to have a significant impact on competition integrity and, following receipt of advice overnight on the reasons provided, the League will appeal the outcome in the strongest possible sense."

The club acknowledged the EFL's position but intend to fight their corner.

Chairman Sharon Brittan said: "We are naturally very disappointed by this outcome as we had hoped a line had been drawn and we'd be able to move on. We will vehemently defend any appeal." 

Bolton, now managed by former Rochdale boss Keith Hill, are currently four points adrift at the bottom of the table and have just one point despite three wins and four draws, due to their original deduction.

The game with Doncaster will be rescheduled this season on a date to be confirmed. 


So the EFL appointed an independent body and now the EFL are appealing against the ruling. I could be wrong but sounds a bit stupid.