Many of you will already know that Bloomfield Bear came 19th in a Youtube video made by an Ipswich fan Alex Griffin (and his Grandma! I'm not sure about her impersonation of a Womble in the video😱)

Bloomfield Bear took to Twitter yesterday and the teddy bear community were also up in arms too!

This was a video that needed a swift reply to set the record straight and so outraged yesterday I was on it!

Here is the Mascot review video that has Seasiders hopping mad the world over and you will clearly see this is Southern folk dissing us Northerners once again!😂😂

And for those of you that don't take life too seriously and enjoy a bit of fun here is the video I made to set the record straight as Bloomfield Bear should have been Number 1 or in the top 5 at least. Utter disgrace!