A very frustrating night as the Seasiders crashed out of the Leasing.com trophy 1-3 to Scunthorpe! Yes you heard it right WE LOST TO SCUNTHORPE that just shouldn't happen!

Yet another referee to add to the list of unpopular refs at Bloomfield Road and with the unfortunate name of "Ben Toner" it's not surprising.

I remember when he was removed from a match because of an indirect reference to Oyston.

Well done Jane for your solo effort. You won't know him but I am sure that is Cheesy sat in front of you on 2 minutes 40. 

Quite a worrying scoreline as on paper we had some players who have played a lot of first team football this season.
Yeah definitely Cheesy. Padded seats didn’t know they existed I wonder if I can get some padding on my seat for the Fleetwood game 
Cheesy the big fat racist scab😡
Let's all move on Q! 
seasider wrote:Let's all move on Q! 
You’d forgive Hitler