Quite liked the stadium. The PA system was loud and clear but strangely way too loud. The song played as Rotherham scored their goals actually drowned out the cheering fans! So bizarre.

Strange substitutions at half time had us scratching our heads. We listened to Larry on the drive home and for the first time he wasn't being his diplomatic self and we felt he was agreeing with us.

The gist of it basically was "If you don't want to play for Blackpool we will get players in that do". This is what we want to see. Passion, commitment the desire to take the game to the opposition, the drive to win for the full 90 minutes.

Will we see a few more new faces coming to the seaside in January?

Thanks Lee. Poor dog, I bet they wanted to patted by Jane.

Looked and sounded like a right old miserable away day.

Yes it was miserable alright seasider!

Just listened to the Seasiders pod cast (from the car on the way home with new lav mics. sound quality is excellent despite the car wind noise) and it sums up everything exactly as I saw it, discusses the curious way we have deserted the winning way we started playing a month ago (where it was rumoured Sadler had a chat with Larry to play more adventurous football)

Discusses Nuttall, Feeney, dropping Macdonald when he gave attacking options and drive from the left. New signings and more

It's well worth a listen if you haven't already