ifollow only gives you an option to listen to audio. Is there any way to watch the game?
Paddy Power apparently, via the app. 
Do you need to put a bet on or can you just watch it?
Audio only I'm guessing then?
Seen bet 365 have it on app too have to place a bet within the last 24 hours an have money in your acc
Arse - just done that and placed a tenner for a pool win but Reading v Blackpool is not one of the bet365 selected games ffs
Hang on it says any of the 3.01 fixtures are avail to view but it's not on the list - what's occurring??

My fault misread it - it says live streaming 23 games but NOT any of the Saturday 3.01 kick offs - bollocks arse and fuck

Only consolation now will be pool win for ยฃ42 return


ESPN+ maybe?? Unsure though
There is a link on Skorlive.com ๐Ÿ‘
Found one on sports devil ๐Ÿ‘
Qblock2019 wrote:There is a link on Skorlive.com ๐Ÿ‘
Kin hall mate that's a ropey link for is it just me?
Found one on hesgoal
Hesgoal.com, watched the game live. DONT PRESS THE ENLARGEMENT CORNER BUTTON!! OR YOU END UP WITH A SHIT LOAD OF POP UPS! Just spread it out .It's also good for premier matches on a Saturday. 
Same again for the replay. If there are any links please share.
Go to the game!
tangerine77 wrote:Go to the game!
In Wales!
No Blackpool!
Stream on HesGoal.com tonight๐Ÿ‘
Just hope the hotel wifi is good enough but seen the stream so fingers crossed. 
The link seems to have gone. Is it because the betting companies are not streaming the matches?
Fuck it got back from Manchester late now theres no links avail - arse!!!
No luck here either.  Was really easy to get the reverse fixture.  Piss flaps. 
I think it's because sites like hesgoal were using streams from the betting companies. Could be wrong but that's my guess.

29 - Not a great deal of quality on show so far from either side.

Charlie Adam, meanwhile, has just been given a resounding round of applause as he headed down the touchline to warm-up
Wrong thread...........
Oh yes, silly me