Brilliant performance should have won even without the penalty. We are in the draw still with a chance in the replay a week on Tuesday.

The drive seemed too much, the train was £90 so we went on the BSA coach, took in Henley on Thames, slightly crashed a wedding, found the perfect sign for miserable Rotherham stewards and a shop sign perfect for the Shrewsbury ref.

All in all a fabulous day albeit a long one up at 5am in the morning and finally had the video done by 3.30am! hope you enjoy the trip with Jane and I 😁

Thanks for all of you that watch, enjoy and subscribe it means a lot, thank you

Could you check out my channel and let me know what you think lee? Thanks

Mylesmoments wrote:

Could you check out my channel and let me know what you think lee? Thanks

You’re becoming a pest.

Hi Myles

Congrats for starting a channel however I'm not entirely sure what it is about?

I developed an interest for making movies and wanted to teach myself how to make better ones it's just something I enjoy doing and I've learned a lot over the past 9 months. 

I had no intention of becoming a football vlogger when I volunteered to go help clean the seats I just wanted to see what kind of movie I could make? I set out with a basic framework but had no idea (at that time) what I was going to do? I knew I just wanted to make films .

What is you want to do? and who are they for? where do you want to go with this? What kind of things do you like to watch? 

It takes time there is lots to learn, I learn new things all the time I'm sure you will too

Best of luck with it

Myles is spamming, don't worry Lee! I would have deleted the post I had seen it earlier. One thread is enough for him!

Oh was he? Haha I didn't realise

Anyway it's fine I guess my reply is for anyone who is thinking of making a youtube channel.

If you are passionate about something and want to make videos about it? There is lots to learn but you learn by doing it.

The chances of making money out of it? or becoming famous? are very slim but if you enjoy making films like I do and/or you want to teach yourself how to make films like I did (and still do) it's a great way to learn and there are tons of film makers that make videos about how to make films.

It's a lot of hard work, time and money to make these films so it has to be something you really enjoy doing. I just love it, the whole process, planning it, filming it, editing it and it's so lovely when strangers come up to me and tell me how much they enjoy watching them. 

Jack Sims dad came up to thank me at Reading for saying such nice things about his son on the Accy video (such a lovely man to meet who was obvs very proud of his son). That sort of thing makes it so worthwhile.

Videography is my passion, I've always loved films wish I had gotten into the movie industry when I left school. I have some promotional videos to film for some companies over the next few weeks I'm looking forward to this and to what I can create to help them. 

This is my passion and if it's also any of yours I'm happy to help and advise in any way I can

Lee - you're like the BHS AliA