£30, there not what I envisioned. 😂

Is the mud authentic? 

If so, is it Bloomfield road mud? Could be worth a couple of quid more if so. 😂😂

Deal, it's how I got them lol

I’m back home on Friday so can pick them up if you want.

Denbfc53 wrote:Deal, it's how I got them lol

No props Hero

I used to have a pair of Wes Hoolahan’s boots. Don’t know what happened to them 

I’ve got a pair of Nuttall’s boots. Not a mark on them😮
What time would you like to arrange to meet up "hero"
Denbfc53 wrote:What time would you like to arrange to meet up "hero"
I can collect them on Sunday if that’s ok, I’m not going to get back tonight?
Yes no problem
Denbfc53 wrote:Yes no problem
Where do you live? I’m surveying at Job in Thornton at 12 on Sunday do I can collect either side of that.
Might not want an address on a public forum. Best doing it over email.

Alright Nana.

What’s your email and I’ll pm you. (Not you Seasider).

dendeko38@gmail.com ........all lower case
Not received an email yet? Do you still want a these? If not After 12pm today these will be uploaded to the selling site shpock. Cheers
BHS Trek III - The Search For Shpock. 
These are now listed on shpock.
I’m thinking someone has been sent to the shop for stripy paint?
Who the fuck surveys a job at noon  on a Sunday?
Hero apparently lol.... Wasted time wouldn't mind but I've held onto them for 5days... And only put add on here.. They are now on shpock and Facebook if anyone is interested
He is naughty Hero. Probably had a 24 hour binge and forgot. 
Hero the knocker. What a surprise 😮

Fuck me, forgot all about them and I’ve only just got home now.

I definitely want them and I can transfer the cash if you need it ASAP and I’ll just pick them up at some point.

If you want to do that I'm happy with that but these are on other sites now so it's first come first serve pal
Now at £40 if your not fast your last
Nah fuck that, let the other mug have them. 😂

What’s that smell?

Oh yeah, it’s Bullshit. 

He just ran a mile when £40 was mentioned. Would have fucked his Big Mac Meal.