Been roped into going to the pictures with my son to watch "spies in disguise"

suppose I can get a couple of hours kip...………………….

My wife doesn't have to take both kids to a Children's party so I will be 'babysitting' the youngest.
Put a laminate floor down. 

Good job I checked in, I didn’t know it was PP. 

I was pushing it anyway as we’re setting another 3 X night lines tomorrow so it would have been a hectic few hours after the game to get shit sorted in time. 

Mum hopefully coming out of hospital,  so would have been difficult attending tomorrow anyway. 

Help her home,  listen to how much the youth of today doesn't  care,  don't know what grandad would say if he was here to witness what a mess the world's in, the bloody yanks are influencing everything we do, these footballers today are all overpaid and couldn't lace Tom Finney and Stanley Matthews' boots, TV comedy is not a patch on what it was when Morecambe and Wise  and Dad's Army were on (no need for bad language to get a laugh in those days), suppose you'll be out drinking tonight instead of being at home with your wife,  it's about time you grew up..........etc.... etc... 

Then,  hopefully get a local non- league game in, before getting pissed with the lads.

Could we be close to the relegation zone tomorrow?? 

Edit to say I've just looked at the table and it appears we won't fall any further, at least tomorrow 
Not looked at the table for ages. Depressing! The championship table doesn't help either. 
In the Bloomfield, where is everyone?
TheSteed wrote:In the Bloomfield, where is everyone?