Didn't realise how much trouble Fylde are in. Looks like getting rid of Challinor and bringing in Jim Bentley was a bad move.

Barrow continue to dominate that league. Don't think ever seen Barrow in the football league in my lifetime so would be nice story. Evatt has done wonders and will no doubt be linked with the Pool job when Grayson leaves. 

What is the point of AFC Fylde? What is their fan base? Now the boycott is over at Blackpool they must have lost some fans this season. They’re doomed.

Yeah it was a nice novelty but don't need another Fleetwood. 

Good to see Barrow doing well. Proper club with loyal supporters. 

Like JB; he's honest,  passionate and committed. Understand why he left Morecambe and hope he acquires another position with a league club soon, hopefully after  the relegation of Kirkham and Wesham this season.