Not good news

Grayson told The Gazette: “He just doesn’t seem to be able to get up to speed where he wants to be in terms of being in training. He will just have a shot and it will effect him.

“He’s not playing freely 100 per cent, so we will probably make a decision after seeing someone this week about what we do with him.

“He can’t just be in training two or three days, break down and then come back in again two or three days later. We need to get to the bottom of it for everybody’s sake.

“It probably won’t be surgery, I think it’s more work he can do with the physio and in the gym to make it a stronger, more stable area of his body.”

Kaikai aside, the Seasiders are looking pretty healthy for this weekend's vital league clash against Southend United, with the only doubts hanging over James Husband (heel) and Ryan Edwards (ankle).

“The players are in good shape and have had a good week this week," Grayson added.

“Sullay Kaikai is probably the only one that is still struggling.

“James Husband and Ryan Edwards have both made good progress and have been back with us for the majority of this week.

“Whether they’re included this weekend or whether it comes too early for them, we’ll see after assessing them.

“Nevertheless we’ve got some good quality which gives me some difficult decisions to make regarding team selection.”

Thought this kid could be amazing at Pool - saw him at Palace with the youth and he was very useful. Hopefully he gets back to 100%
What the fuck is wrong with him?
His leg fell off.
Both legs fell off 
He's only got one arm left.
It's only a flesh wound 
Bentent wrote:It's only a flesh wound