- Blackpool weren’t convincing but we aren’t good enough to push for that point and put them under pressure after Macca’s tremendous goal.

- Even game overall which on another day we could have won and with the three teams around also losing, we would have gained some valuable ground. We definitely need snookers now!

- It’s been a long time since I’ve felt genuinely disappointed by a Blues defeat instead of just expecting them to lose. Credit to Sol and his team for making us compete now at this level. Still going down but with a bit more optimism for next season.

- Blackpool beat us yet again by height. Unfortunately our depleted squad cannot combat this but they can hold their heads high. Southend played the better football.

- A game that on another day we could have won. Few chances not taken but definitely moving in the right direction under Sol.

- Solid performance again, had a few good chances. Felt we were unlucky to concede the first goal even though they had many chances before that. At the end of the day Blackpool were the better team and it showed. But the youngsters have made us proud again.

- Announce relegation.

- Looked sluggish and off the pace first half like they’d been on the ketchup again. Better second half, kind of, but overall a complexing performance. I don’t know, it is what it is I guess.

- I thought we gave a good account of ourselves. Just defensively we are a shambles. Can’t deal with players with height or pace. Milligan and Oxley errors for the umpteenth time

- Thoroughly depressing again, it doesn’t matter if you play well or score a wonder goal if you still lose. Just want the season to end now.

Unsure which game some of their fans watched. Thought we controlled things and barring a shocking bit of defending and a worldie of a goal we limited them to few chances. That's not say we were great but over the 90 more than deserving of the 3 points.

What a load of nonsense.

They're clearly used to watching their team get absolutely battered so just competing for part of the game has them pissing their pants. 

Once these new players properly gel we'll embarrass teams like that. 

Think they are overdoing the praise for their own team. We were cruising until they scored. 
The only other chance I can think of is when Turton miscontrolled and they missed a one on one.
Magic147 wrote:

They're clearly used to watching their team get absolutely battered so just competing for part of the game has them pissing their pants.

Which should give us pause that maybe we are not out of the woods yet.  Finally got a victory, but against one of the worst teams in the division whom we let compete with us, according to their fans.