- Dare say I’ll go to the Blackpool game, but far more likely to just drive straight there and back. The days of arriving in Poulton 9 hours before kick off are long gone for me. 

- It took years for Burnley to have a ruck with us. At least at B/Pool away it could be tasty.

- I'd be all over it, if it wasn't a school night.

- They’ll be out in force for this one folks. Mmw

- The ale is shite in Ma Kelly's now, and overpriced, rather mooch down to the Washington on Cooper St.

- Went in the 80's as a 15 year old, train o  way home was all smashed up, Bolton fans did it ourselves, police on board just stood and watched, bleeding freezing a train with no windows

-Still banned from blackpool bolton matches which is just as well cos I really cant be arsed with this , probably pay a tenner to watch it on pc tho

- Sold just over 900 tickets.

- We haven't won a league game there since 1977. I'm not sure we've won a cup game or pre season friendly there either in those 43 years.

- Would love it if we beat these twats and laid to rest many long years since our last win at Bloomfield in December 1977.  

- It felt like a win when we got to Wembley at theirs in 1989 .... but that was a draw and we won on aggregate courtesy of Julian Darby's winner in the Burnden match.

Is the third comment from a schoolgirl,  teacher,  or flasher? 

Is that copied from the Bolton ultras site  - jeez

p.s.  isn't that your Mrs login SS??

Yes, Tenty.. was just checking something as a normal user and forgot to log back out. Might do these features from this account as it stops that Seasider from clogging up the board.
Bolton website saying they can pay their end on the night
I'm sure that will boost their following. A cold Tuesday night with nothing to play for. Going to test the home crowd as well. 
I can remember the buggers beating us in a pre-season Lancs Cup game 2-1 in about 91/92.
Thought tned have sold more than 900. I know they've been shit but they've had decent away support. Saying that I can't see us shifting many more than 7000.