Grayson, Dunn and now Critchley seem to play this system. Granted I wasn’t there tonight but it just looks disjointed and results aren’t great. Husband isn’t a centre half and Feeney isn’t a wing back. Why we need three centre backs at home to Tranmere I will never know. I can only think managers are playing this to accommodate having two strikers on the pitch. It just isn’t working. 

Really hope Critchley tries something different in the next game. 

Maybe wrong, but it looked like 3 5 2 was a good game to watch but the ref made me a little angry as you may have noticed with some of my other comments on other posts.

Formations are only as good as the players therein.

This shite is in need of a complete overhaul 

NC is highly-qualified and regarded, but, his efforts to be a number 1 might set his managerial career back years.

The club really doesn't deserve the support it gets......... or maybe it does!!! 

It does deserve the support. Sadler and co are investing. We have just made a bad appointment which happens. Just wish we would play a more attacking formation and one where players aren't playing out of position.