Uefa have called an emergency meeting for Tuesday in which the possibility of postponing Euro 2020 by one year is an option being discussed.

European football's governing body will hold video conference meetings to discuss its response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Discussions will cover all domestic and European competitions, including Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 is due to take place from 12 June-12 July at venues across Europe.

Uefa has invited representatives of its 55 member associations, plus the boards of the European Club Association, the European leagues and a representative of world players' union Fifpro.


NBA season is off. Political debates without an audience.  I have never see anything close to this. SARS, AIDS, Ebola ... life went on. 

I have many friends in the travel  and concert industry who are devastated as their income has just dropped off a cliff and they don't know what happens next.  

I work in the hospitality industry trying to sell computer systems and there is no chance in hell they will be buying anything from me in the near future so having a huge impact.

I work in the hospitality, care and public safety industry.

Business as usual.

I work in the toilet roll and hand gel industry.

Business is suffering 😮

Qblock2019 wrote:

I work in the toilet roll and hand gel industry.

Business is suffering 😮

You’re in Yorkshire, it’s difficult to wash your hands in the local well.
Decision today. I think one of the more easy decisions and will be cancelled.

So, Euro 2021, WC 2022, nothing, then Euro 2024.

3 major tournaments in 4 years. 

Always enjoyable in the summer so bit of a shame!
More concerned about the Olympics tbh as that can't just be moved as easily- dealing with dozens of sports schedules.