Get your football fix today, Jane Stuart and I will be doing our first LIVE STREAM on youtube starting at 3PM. Last night on Fylde Coast Radio we were discussing how football will pan out this season. Will it start again in April? Will Liverpool be awarded the title? Will Bolton now be safe and start next season in League 1 with 0 point deduction? Will Leeds United still be in the championship. Will there be legal implications? What is your solution? Come chat with Jane and I this afternoon live and let us know your thoughtd


Can't join as at the match. 
Busy playing. 
Gone to Ikea.
😂😂 a few teething problems with sound and set up at the start but it was okay for a first try. We will make it a regular Saturday chat at 3pm until the football is back so maybe next time or whenever you're not doing something on a Saturday would be great to chat with you guys
Definitely. We were running with the match day thread but reality has set in now. 
I got the impression you really dislike Rotherham Lee?  Not sure if it meant to come across that way 😂😂🤣

You will know my thoughts exactly if you watch the "Miserable Rotherham" video here

What a bunch of miserable, horrible stewards they were. They made for the most unenjoyable visit and were the most miserable bunch of twerps I've ever met.