Hi Everyone🙂

We have really enjoyed making the videos for you this year and if you enjoy watching our videos we would really appreciate it if you could vote for us at this years Football Content Awards. The category we would like to be nominated for is "The Best New Content Creators"

The closing date to cast your vote is the 31st March

Is there a quick way to vote Lee? At work so can't watch videos until later.
Sure seasider just click this link🙂


Done :)

This one takes you directly to the voting page..


I guess there won't be a lot of content in the next few weeks. At least you will get a break from it. Same can be said for us. A place to discuss BFC and football but no football!
Voted Lee, keep up the good work mate 👍

Ah yes that's a better link thanks Magic🙂👍

Thanks Cheshire👍

seasider we have started a regular Sat at 3pm live stream to discuss all things football feel free to join us if you're stuck for things to do whilst this virus carries on

Done 👍
Done 😀