I've gotta ask.... although it was unforseeable all this of Corona Virus .... was Brexit worth it? With maybe 3 to 4 millions sacked and on the dole in 2021, is "national pride" above European union worth it???!

Comments please!

Yes democracy is worth it and the leave vote won. I voted remain but accept the result.

Same. Voted remain but the people have had their say. 

I think this reinforces the point that a lot of the Leave voters made. It's precisely in situations such as this we want to be able to set our own actions independently.

Aka follow the Europeans.
But Brexit means Brexit. 
Don't you think there are more urgent things to think about than Brexit? The situation we are in now is already affecting the economy if we are to believe what we are told, and this £350 billion 'war chest' will have to be replaced from somewhere. How many will be jumping on the 'blame Brexit' bandwagon when this damn virus is dealt with?
There were always more important things to think about than Brexit.