Getting abuse on Twitter after this Tweet

Arseholes still desperate to make money. I hope when this is over all these cunts are remembered and all their businesses boycotted. Starting with Bransons Virgin brand.
Government have told them to close.

How difficult is it really? Stay at home unless told otherwise.

The London underground was packed again this morning apparently. 

See Mike Ashley has u-turned the fat greedy cunt

Bally wrote:

See Mike Ashley has u-turned the fat greedy cunt

Bet that took some time. 
Another shithouse business for the boycott list

Glad I watched that now. 

I don’t believe it’s anything as bad as I’d read about except the potential delay in getting the 80% thingy done. 

As for Tesco, he’s saying he understand if people are uncertain & want to move on with employment. He goes further to say Anyone that has worked for us before will have first dibs once they open again. 

Not exactly ideal but didn’t seem to justify ripping him a new one on social for it. 

He is a massive cunt though. 
Magic147 wrote:He is a massive cunt though. 
Only on a good day

Or you could be like Dawson at The Range who has spent the last couple of weeks putting fridges in stores to say that they are selling essential food and can remain open 🙄

A Spoons in Crystal Palace this morning

Tim Martin. Market leader I know, but taken this from a micro- brewer on another forum.

Tim is such a stand-up, best of British, look out for the little man kind of fella that he's withholding all monies owed by JDW to suppliers. Even invoices that should have been paid well before there was even a hint of shutting pubs

The man is an utter charlatan, anyone who even sets foot in a Spoons after this deserves a KFC.

We used to supply a couple of their outlets but stopped because it wasn't worth it, their T&C's for suppliers are fucking ridiculous. Little things like insisting on 60 day payment terms. 2 fucking months. And we often had to chase them even then.

Yet there'll be thousands of punters queuing up to get back in when they open their doors
The Wethers 9am alkies are already camping outside.
I hope all his pubs burn down. I will never set foot in one of his pubs. 
Tramfan wrote:The Wethers 9am alkies are already camping outside.
Have seen a few still trying to get into the one in town (Ipswich!)

Bally wrote:

Obviously camra members need to fuck camra off immediately.   

The bearded sandal wearing tossers need to grow a pair of bollocks. 

CAMRA is as shithouse an organisation as wetherspoons so don’t expect much

I see Ashley has apologised.

He's still a fat greedy tory cunt
His PR department has apologised, he still won’t think he’s done anything wrong!