4- Blackpool β€” obvs  

6- red star Belgrade 

7 hearts. 

8 Manchester United 

9- Wolverhampton wanderers 

11- Swansea city 

12- Paris st germain 

15- Crystal Palace 

First one

Shamrock Rovers

Will add when brain gets into gear

5 -  LA Galaxy maybe

14 - New York Red Bulls getting the hang of it now

2 - Chicago Fire

13. Ireland?
3 and 10 jeez
I don't know the answers for the record. Three must be Southampton though.
3 Southampton? - (sorry missed your post SS)

Doesn't look like ham though does it πŸ€”

Your right obviously boys. Closest I got was Southsteakton.

Absolutely stumped by 10 though??
CheshireSeasider wrote:Absolutely stumped by 10 though??
Keep thinking of row and family but no team springs to mind.
The only thing I have is Tampa Bay Rowdies. But I don't see it.
seasider wrote:Keep thinking of row and family but no team springs to mind.
Yeah, I even went to River, Lake...etc
Yeah, I'm going down the road, or river, with oars, and even came up with Portugal. Well, boats in port and they look like gals.

"Racing" something or another?

Something "Juniors" (cant link Boca πŸ˜‚)

The only team with river in is River plate, can’t see how the second picture makes that tho.
It's Rowwifeandkids
Magic147 wrote:It's Rowwifeandkids
They play in the Belarusian league?
Magic147 wrote:It's Rowwifeandkids

Ffs how did I not get that!!

The Antartican Premier League runners up seem so obvious now!  Wasnt at the front of my mind due to their winter break.

Now if those gals have their hair in plats then we are home and hosed. River Plate it is!

Just for fun

16-   πŸ’©

CheshireSeasider wrote:

Just for fun

16-   πŸ’©

seasider wrote:Preston
Correct. Although I'd have also accepted "Fleetwood" or "Bolton"
For number 10, mate has given me a clue. Italian team. 

Got it



So what's left? 2 and 13?

Mate has told me the answers so won't spoil the fun. 

2.  Shell fire

CheshireSeasider wrote:

2.  Shell fire

First part right.
Shelbourne (Shell Burn?)
CheshireSeasider wrote:Shelbourne (Shell Burn?)


On the shelburn thing.

I had Chicago Fire which seemed to fit in with the US teams featured. Yeah I know it looks like a shell and shelbourne did occur to me but two Irish teams in the quiz? Nah

So I came up with the idea that this shell was an overgrown skinny onion. Which fitted in nicely with my contribution as the city of Chicago's name means place of onion fields. Or something like that!

Good post seasider could be the coming thing for the foreseeable future as we battle the mad world that has come knocking.