How do you think we're managing? I wonder how many weeks/months we'll be able to survive with no income? Not seen it mentioned anywhere but surely it's hitting us hard. Surely Sadlers income will be hit hard as well?
All clubs are going to struggle. Many lower league teams are now on the brink. Players are going to have to take pay cuts otherwise the league will look very different next year.

Trouble is most players won't take pay cuts and the club can't force them too either.

They probably won’t, and due to a shortage of clubs post Covid 19 . They’ll be hoping to find work in Tesco stacking shelves. 
Isn’t Sadler a hedge fund manager? They can do even better in a downturn!

Really? We might be alright then

Difficult to say. The optimist will say it could be an opportunity for next season as other teams cut their cloth accordingly. I don't think we are that well off though and we could end up doing the same.

The players should take a pay cut or at least those on a certain level. 

Perhaps some are on the £90 a week still from kokos legacy 🤣
Dover athletic announced this morning they have run out of money

Simon Sadler could raise hundreds of thousands of pounds by putting Stan Matthews FA Cup winners medal up for sale. He paid £225,000 for it a few years ago.