I'm actually quite excited to watch this. Feel like I've something to look forward too.

Definitely Red for me
tangerine77 wrote:Definitely Red for me
Got that each way. 
What you just pick a colour? 
Magic147 wrote:What you just pick a colour? 
Pretty much 

It’s got to be Magic of light for you Pete mate. 😆

It’s 18/1

One for Bally too.

Ballyoptic 25/1

tangerine77 wrote:They are not even going to have any fallers in the race so unless they just shoot them at the end of the race for a bit of fun then I'd say none.

No fallers. What kind of grand national is that. Real horses names, real jockeys names, real form, including its falling prowess, but no horse will fall at the hardest race not to do so. Virtually preposterous. 

I'll go with Dounikos at 50/1. It falls a lot. But it won't today. That's known as a virtual edge.

Which Muppet said there are no fallers😯
Said no fallers on talksport 
Only one of mine finished, Any Second Now
I had a fiver on the winner
Down overall. Good cause though.

Had it on record so only minutes ago finished watching it. 

Turned my phone off as you get notifications when you bet on an event. 

I said to Karen, how many horses do you think will get shot this year, she said Ohh don’t, it’s so cruel, I don’t want to know.