Gonna take advantage of the unusually nice weather and take wife and lad for a picnic somewhere - might earn me some brownie points :)

Was thinking Beacon Fell summat like that - any suggestions?

He's 4 so somewhere that included a park would be good
He seems to get about a bit this Thor fella - best well avoided obviously :)

thanks for the tips (Thumbs up smiley - where is that?)
I'll steer clear of any sheep "herders" then ;)

used to drive round the trough of bowland and stop off a few times and have picnic, and dunsop bridge is quite nice
You woudn't want a picnic down here today, temp. of 6 degrees, cloudy with a cold north east wind.
Fingers crossed, Whitstable, you will be able to water your garden this month, before it's back to the summer of '76
After 21 deg at Reading yesterday it has been a shock to the system today, as for water I think I would be correct in saying that it has only rained on two occasions in the last two months down here.
Jellystone Park is a lovely place for a picnic, they do have a rather large bear problem though, so keep an eye on your "pickernick basket!"
Thanks for the suggestions - jellystone a tad too far!!

We ended up at Scorton picnic site - recommended by someone.

Just for future reference if anyone suggests you go there for a picnic, do go but don't do what we did and sit around the car park on a picnic bench thinking that was it!!

went for a walk after our lunch through the woods and then realised why everyone had been staring at us sat on the bench by the car park - when you walk through the woods there is plentiful lovely areas to sit by the riverside having a much more scenic pinic!!

Lesson learnt for next time!! :blush: