Did you see the moon near the planets last night – March 24, 2012? The sky will be spectacular in the west after sunset tonight (March 25), too, with the waxing crescent moon and the planet Jupiter very close to each other in the evening twilight sky. Plus Venus is nearby – the sky’s brightest planet. You’ll see Jupiter and the moon below Venus in the west after sunset. The famous Pleiades star cluster – also known as the Seven Sisters – is above Venus. Enjoy this sky scene. If you’ve been watching, you know … Jupiter will soon sink into the sun’s glare

Go outside and have a look

Its amazing
Too much cloud tonight down here DD, but last night leaving the services and walking back to the car the scene in the west was great, as you say Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon all together.
Seeing has been poor the last few nights due to the hot air. Looks nice by eye but not great weather for telescopes.
Visibility wasn't very good for me either. Shame though, on any clear night the sky is amazing. Full of wonders.
Must admit my favourite is mid winter looking at Orion, the belt leading down to Sirius the brightest star and the fact that some of the stars are massive massive massive size.
and we have our own Patrick Moores , were going to have a lovely summer i hope .:blush:
I'll have a look when I take the dog for evening stroll later
TwelveAngryMen wrote:

Too much air/light pollution

Would love to see sky in desert

In an earlier life (forces) i was lucky enough to be in northern Norway for 6 months in the winter - spectacular night skies and on more than one occasion saw the northern lights - spectacular! :cool:

Also spent some time in Saudi/Kuwait during that time and the sunsets were unbelievable, plus I have never seen so many stars in the sky!!

pity I didn't appreciate it then as I was younger and not easily impressed!

would love to go back and appreciate it this time