253-7, nearly at the close of play on day 1. Jayawardene quite a thorn in our side. 141 not out, the rest of the side nothing above 27!

I'd say we have just about edged it so far. Long way to go, lets see how we fair against their spin attack because we were WOEFUL at defending the Pakistan spinners
Is it on TV anywhere - got that new "sky go" app on my phone might watch a bit over lunchtime!
I think it will be over by then, play started at 6am and they had tea around an hour ago.

253-8 now, sadly not Jayawardene
thought it started tomorrow! gutted, will be up at 6 though for the second day.
Just how good was Jayawardene today? Brilliant innings.

On the whole I think we had a good day though.

Nicely balanced match.

Well done Jimmy Anderson (thumbs up icon)
Ha, there are a lot of people doing the thumbs up icon.

It's coming soon, I promise :)
Its all about how we handle the spin, is Malinga the slinger still playing?