Welcome to Back Henry Street. First of all, we'd like to thank you for joining and hope you stick around. The reason for the creation of Back Henry Street is quite simple really; it's about time Blackpool FC had a modern forum owned by Blackpool fans and one that is not part of a network of different sites. One that is also stable! Previous forums have tried and failed but we feel this site can finally offer what the fans have been wanting for a long time. We are happy to offer all the mod cons such as pictures and embedded youtube videos but we want to be content driven rather than fancy pictures getting in the way. See the Help Documents on how to hide things such as signatures and avatars. This choice is what it's all about.

Back Henry Street was formed by two Blackpool fans so we understand the needs of users as we are regular posters on the main BFC forum. It is being hosted on a dedicated server so it should be stable and development is in our own hands. Initially, we need to get users which is always the challenge so please spread the word if you feel this forum will benefit other Blackpool supporters. Our main focus is to get quality content rather than advertising all the mod cons on offer. If the site does take off, we will naturally think of phase 2 (won't take as long as the South Stand) which might include RSS feeds from other sites, a home page, match reports, blogs, etc so we will see how it goes. We want to make this the one stop website for all Blackpool fans.

Hope you stick around and appreciate a high quality forum.


Worth a bump.

We've come a long way...

‍Ahh when I was like a kiddie in a toy shop. Bit cringey reading that but my heart was in the right place.