Oyston telling the truth :rolleyes:
I agree wholeheartedly. Now is not the time to bring negativity to the forefront. 11 million is wrong in my opinion but there is fook all we can do about it.
we fans , are so fickle at times . we do overreact , 2 bad defeats sack the manager , not for me . this is were you stand , draw a line in the sand and fookin counter attack . ollie and tommo need the supporters now more than ever . what ever has been said and done put to one side , stiff upper lip and all that . lets fookin rock Bloomfield road home and away until the end of the season .
This my first post on here and I must say I hope it doesn't end up like the way AVFTT has gone with endless Oyston/Holloway out messages. I've been pleased with what I've read so far, as there's some positive and realistic threads on here. Up The Pool and Upwards and Onwards.
It's the downside of having recent success. 3 or 4 years ago, two defeats in a row wouldn't have created a mass hysteria like it does these days. We have to be realistic but at the same time we should expect continuous investment in the team and infrastructure.
as a neutral I can only say ... short memories. This man has already done what 90% of league managers would like to do!