AVFTT has not ,style,modern,class. were from back Henry street and we deny defeat,we are the boys who play in tangerine and white . do you agree simples Y/N will do
Just what was needed a board for Blackpool fans by Blackpool fans, well done to all involved.
Thanks Westherts, hope it can be a decent forum for Blackpool fans
I think its great and I am sure it will become more popular than AVFTT in time
will there be any room for harry potter 49 ?????????
I hope it would attract Karl and Matt to post on this Forum,it would be good to get their points of views on things

Would love to have Sir Holloway posting on here,now that would be fantastic
Yo guys

I am in the process of closing down the Talk-BFC forum(s) and providing my support and backing to this forum.

I know how hard it is to get these things off the ground and having another new forum would detract from the user base (which is fairly limited at the best of times!!). Therefore, by closing my forums down (at the end of the month) and asking members to join this site (if they haven't already done so) I think we could make a real go of this forum.

At last we have a real alternative to the mainstream BFC forums and as admin states, this one should't fall over on match days!!!

So, I look forward to chatting with friends old and new and getting more involved in discussions (rather than making sure the forum was working properly!!). Every credit to the guys who have developed this site - again, I know what a nightmare they can be to set up and test.

Cheers for now



Nice work on your other site Paul

Having everyone on one site makes sense,so i applaud your decision to do this

I have a good feeling about this site and have already spread the word

Cheers Mr DD

I do think it makes sense to do what I have done, albeit a rather sad occasion :-(
As i see it mate you have taken one for the team

Respect is due my old mucker
am sure i posted on this post as it gone??[hr]

Rammyboy your right there bruv, and they was makeing £££ every month for hits and ads, and deleteing our own fans posts, forums are for banter.