If DSOTM did not exist, I wouldn't have got into Floyd. There's something of the 'je nais ce quoi' about it. The saxophone could be it. Parts of it are quite sensual I think.

Your picks the top of the thread had me grooving round the room Bally! Good tunes!

What am I listening to?

Stupid smoke alarm bleeping every 30 seconds. Can't be arsed fetching up a chair from downstairs to reach it and change the battery.

Listening to the wife moaning about me being right back on here despite having work to do after our holiday.

Giving Jake Bugg a listen during the remaining minutes of work.
Have to admit, loving Jake Bugg at the moment


Anyone got any good albums to recommend?
Dont you dare, i hate them:angryfire:;)
Ok then, I won't!

Dazed and confused. Led Zeppelin
Bally wrote:

Each to their own, but that's pretty sad. Tell me that's a joke?
Loving the northern and Life on Mars is a superb Bowie track...it reminds me of going in a place called 'The Pop Inn' which was in Hills Dept store across from the back of the tower.
Not a fan of Bowie, just like this one song.
Tim Yuro ....blocked in your country due to EMI copyright...WTF!

great vid on this classic
Just for GSP. Tash's fave

ok...very good call......the opening bars of Too Late is my ringtone !
Another 72 fave GSP

And another

wow ...I havent heard that Della Reese track since 72 ... I could smell the fucking place.
Change of mood

tangerine77 wrote:

This too is a fine song!