Southend United

J. Demetriou (74)


O. Turton (14) A. Gnanduillet (83)

Southend United v Blackpool

League One
Sat 17th Nov 2018 - KO 15:00
Roots Hall Stadium

‍Sorry Bally, didn't catch sight of Mike today.

whitstabletangerine wrote:

‍Should read 242 Pool fans, due to the horrendous traffic both in Kent and Essex and the journey taking exactly 3 1/2 hours (should be no longer than 1 1/2 hrs] i arrived ticket less at 3.40 asked the only steward on duty outside if I could get in and was politely told the ticket booth for £23 quid or £20 to me, It will go to the club he said, yes I said I am sure,  so without a ticket I would not have been officially counted.

So with just five minutes plus 4 mins of added time to see the first half out, nothing to report   other than  I learnt we were one up, I took a look around the North stand to see if there were any faces I could recognise.

Second half and no way did we look as though we were going to lose this match even after they scored which came out of the blue, most of the chances fell to Blackpool, one shot hit the underside of the bar and could have just about gone anywhere, pity it wasn't the net, the Fonz with the ball in the area hesitated if he had shot instead of taking one more pace forward he would have scored it was that close and again the Fonz later in the second half only had to knock it in but somehow managed to miss cue it.

Of course it is easy standing just behind the goal to find fault, I love the guy to bits really and have to say having seen them play three times this season we as fans are really missing some entertaining stuff, they play their hearts out, the team obviously are enjoying their game under the manager and a nice touch at the end of the game when several players came over to sign autographs and speak with fans.

It could and should be so much different

‍Thanks for the report Whits. Sounds horrendous but at least you saw us the second half and a Pool winner.

This team deserve the support, real shame.

‍Player ratings from the Gazette


‍Look decent. That random who ran on the pitch and got wrestled to the ground. How can you get that excited!