This is really difficult as no player stands out
Couldn’t choose any of them. All as bad as one another. 
Not any of them.
That girl who was handing out left over pies to stewards.

Not sure how Tilt got the sponsors man of the match but I guess they have to give it to someone. Heneghan looked dodgy today. 

I would probably give it Mafoumbi. Kept the scoreline down. Feeney would have easily won it for me but for some reason was taken off. 

'pool 12th man for 'Posh' today. Been a long time since I have seen such abysmal passing throughout a game, no way should 'borough have had so much of the play. Having said that, when they were, I say WERE on the break I thought they looked more dangerous than Peterborough.

My ratings:

Mafoumbi 6 - Looks to have the makings of a decent keeper

Bola 6 - Got forward well. 

Heneghan 4 - Mistake for their goal. Never recovered

Tilt 6 - Did a job although not sure how he got man of the match

Spearing 5 - Sloppy passes and lost the midfield battle 

Kirby 6 - Did ok but didn't look anything else other than a league one player. 

Virtue 5 - Didn't really notice him. 

Feeney 7 - Best player and only real threat in the first half. 

Fonz 5 - Needs to do better. Offered little.

Armand 6 - Did his best but had little service 

Long 6  - Did ok

Daniels 5 - Never a right back. 

I thought Kirby was our stand out player, looked to me like he has that extra bit of quality compared to the others.
He was running around like a headless chicken.